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Step 3: Infused Aloe Leave-in

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The healing substances that are present in this amazing mist can heal damaged hair follicles in your scalp or beard and can boost up their hair-producing functions. She contains antifungal substances that will kill all the fungi on the scalp or skin and remove all the bad odor caused by it along with an anti-dandruff effect for the scalp. She will nurture and protect existing hair follicles and encourage new follicles to grow. The Infused Aloe mist should be used as the first step in a proper moisture regimen as your "water-based leave-in" or the “L” if using the LOC or LCO method to seal moisture. She’s also great to just keep in your purse for a quick “refresher” for dry curls or coils.

Directions: Mist directly on hair or beard and follow with the Greauxth Oil for a properly nourished moisture regimen. She is highly concentrated, so she can be used directly for rapid growth or can be diluted with 4 oz of distilled water to use as a daily water-based leave-in.

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