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Step 2: pH Balancing Elixir 2oz

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The pH Balancing Elixir is best known for her remedy to improve scalp conditions by balancing the scalps pH and controlling sebum production. All oils and herbs in this blend are chosen to work their wonders on your precious scalp whilst you sleep or to boost a deep conditioning treatment. Why does the pH level of products matter? Because your hair and sebum have a natural pH level between 4.5 and 5.5.. The products you use have the potential to throw off your natural pH levels. A properly pH balanced scalp is a happy scalp (reduction in flakes and itchiness). pH balanced hair retains moisture more efficiently which are all keys to retaining length. If your hair has been over-processed due to chemical services, thermal styling or over conditioning you are experiencing high-porosity hair: It takes forever to dry when wet and may be limp. Select Option A (+) to help seal your cuticle layer (the protective layer) of your hair again. If you feel as though no matter what product or oil used on your hair it just is not providing moisture—you have very low porosity hair or have too much protein wrapped around each hair shaft or have clogged your cuticle layer with product overuse so now nothing will penetrate to properly moisturize : Option B (-) is your remedy to slightly open the cuticle layer so moisture can penetrate.

Directions: Add 4 drops to 2 pumps of your favorite sulfate-free conditioner or treatment and process with a shower cap for 15 minutes or add 4 drops to 2 oz of your favorite carrier oil* and apply all over scalp overnight before wash day.

*Carrier Oils recommended are: black castor oil, almond, avocado, carrot seed, grapeseed, jojoba or olive oil. Please be sure the carrier oil you select is completely 100% pure, unrefined and organic.


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