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Step 5: Whipped Shea 2oz

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She's pure yumminess in a jar. A blend of raw shea, almond and coconut butters and oils harvested and pressed by hand ensuring a completely unrefined cream. She's then filled with lots of antioxidants, healing oils and a bioactive that promotes cellular regeneration to help heal and protect hair and skin from UV damage. She's concentrated, so use on edges for rapid repair and growth (or blend with edge control daily to balance the alcohol used in most of the edge control products on the market). She can also be used on dry or fragile ends to nourish and strengthen them. She's also great for sealing ends before protective styling or step (C) in your LOC or LCO daily moisture regimen.

Directions: Warm a generous amount of the product by rubbing with the pads of your fingers to palm and massage on ends of hair, edges or beard daily.

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